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Nelson Laser Clinic

Specialising in Laser Tattoo Removal

Leaves no scar's not as expensive as you think !

Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Chest Hair, Back Hair, Bikini Line,

Under arms, Legs ........And more

Laser tattoo removal is simple, safe, leaves no scars and produces fantastic results !!

Using advanced Q switched laser technology, this allows light produced by the laser to pass through the skin

and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles. Which is then disposed of naturally by the body through it's

immune system. It usually takes several sessions with regular intervals between to achieve success

When it comes to Laser Hair Removal, many people don't realize how effective it can be.

Laser Hair Removal is no more painful than waxing, but is a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

In 4-6 sessions you can be virtually hair free - no more marks, no scars, no waxing or irritation. Just smooth,

hair free skin and it doesn't grow back. Most body surfaces can undergo the treatment and it's suitable for all ages.

Pop in anytime for a chat. Consultations are completely free and no obligation.

And the best part is.......It's not as expensive as you think !!!

Phone Wanda 021 08742552

Free, confidential, no obligation consultation. Fully qualified professional technicians